Welcome to the website of the Doctoral Network in Space Sciences (PhD:SPACE). This is a program funded by the Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (MEC, Portugal) to support PhD Fellowships in Space Sciences, from astronomy and astrophysics to instrumentation (ground and space). Further details can be found by following the links:

The PhD::SPACE Doctoral Network (PD/00040/2012) provides an opportunity for advanced training of the next generation of Astronomers under a truly international approach. This program is organized with a clear strategy of internationalization, with focus on the forthcoming major international projects in space sciences and technology, including the techniques and methodologies that support the development and full scientific exploitation of those facilities. In order for Portugal to benefit from the investment done in the participation in international organizations, such as ESO and ESA, there is the need for close collaboration with the industry and a strategy supported by strong active international collaborations. Effectively, the objective of the PhD::SPACE initiative is to train future astronomers and prepare a new generation of researchers, able to address the goals set by the European Commission for space (Horizon 2020).

The training received by the students will prepare them for a life-long career in a wide range of positions such as researchers/teachers in academic institutions, leaders and managers of research teams in national or international organizations active in space sciences and technologies, computer and data analysis experts in private companies supporting business in the space industry, government agencies, managers in high-tech companies, public outreach experts, etc.

PhD::SPACE offers unique and exciting opportunities for advanced training and prospects for a successful international career in space sciences and technologies.

The last call of this program took place in 2019. No further calls are expected. Please visit the IA webpage for alternative calls for PhD fellowships at IA and its partner universities.