Calls :: 2017

The preparation of the 2016 Call for 5 PhD fellowships has been initiated. Here you may find the summary of the milestones for the 2017 PhD::SPACE Call:

  • The announcement was released on the 5th of January 2017, with a deadline on the 31st of March 2017.
  • The PhD Topics available for the 2017 Call were released on the 28th of February 2017.
  • The results of the first phase (curricular evaluation) are expected to be sent to all candidates by the middle of June 2017.
  • The planned date for notifying the candidates of the final result (after the interviews) is the end of June 2017.
  • The negotiations of the 2017 fellowships have been completed on the 29th of August 2017.
  • The 2017 Call was officially closed on the 29th of August 2017.

For further details/inquires please contact the Program Director.