Research :: PhD Advisors

Proposals for PhD topics in any of the five themes established as the research priorities of PhD::SPACE are requested every year from  prospective Advisors:

The Scientific Committee validates each proposal received for each call. The Executive Board will only consider for final validation and distribution, proposals with a positive validation by the Scientific Committee.


The thesis advisor/co-advisor must be leading lecturers or researchers (with a PhD), who will assist the student in the preparation and development of the proposed plan of research. The advisor/co- advisor is responsible for establishing any specific training needs and for the supervision of the student’s work until the completion of the thesis and will report yearly (written) on the student’s progress. Either the advisor or the co-advisor must come from the participating research institute. Proposals involving co-supervision from researchers at both locations are encouraged. Joint supervisions with external experts from other organizations and/or institutions are also welcome.

The program will accept advisors with a solid scientific record, who have a significant number of scientific publications in the last 5 years and are active in international projects and initiatives. A strong record of collaborations is required and preference will be given to projects whose advisors can integrate the student in topics of relevance for the medium term development of space sciences in Portugal and in Europe.

Early career researchers (postdocs and senior postdocs) with excellent CVs will also be considered for co-supervisions when having research activity of relevance for the project of the student. The validation of a specific PhD project, to be funded under the PhD::SPACE program, will be done considering also the analysis of the CV of the prospective advisors and their research and training experience. Previous supervision experience (last 5 years) will be requested for one of the advisors.

Every year the advisors will report on the progress of the student (complementing the annual progress report to be presented by each student), to be submitted to the scientific committee of the program. A recommendation, at the submission of the thesis, is also required from the advisors.

Procedure for Fellows:

Every successful candidate, that is provisionally offered a fellowship, will be requested to select a project that is available, based on the detailed information that has been submitted by the prospective Advisors. A confirmation of acceptance from the prospective advisor(s) of the selected project is necessary, before final decision on the fellowship.

The list of Fellows, the PhD Topics that has been selected and the Advisors for all calls is available. The list of projects offered in previous Calls is also available.