Research :: PhD Topics for 2014

Here you may find theĀ list of 2014 PhD Topics available for selection by the successful applicants. Please visit the individual pages for the details of the PhD topics in each thematic line:

  1. Towards the detection and characterization of other Earths [6 topics]
  2. Towards a comprehensive study of stars [9 topics]
  3. The assembly history of galaxies resolved in space and time [8 topics]
  4. Unveiling the dynamics of the Universe [7 topics]
  5. Space and Ground Systems and Technologies [2 topics]

The top placed candidates will be asked to select her/his PhD project from this list following the order of the evaluation. The topics/thematic line available for each candidate are determined by the topics offered in this call and the distribution of fellowships between different thematic lines.

Please contact theĀ thematic line leaders if you want additional information regarding specific topics that may be included in a particular thematic line in a forthcoming call.