Calls :: Selection Committee for 2014

The Selection Committee (SeC) of the 2014 Call was composed by:

The document, 2014_Selection_PhD-SPACE, have been approved by the Scientific Committee. The evaluation of the candidates is done based on the following criteria (as defined for the 2014 call):

a) Curricular evaluation of the candidate:
a1. Degrees (BSc and MSc), including marks and contents of curricular units completed and their relevance for the topics in PhD::SPACE;

a2. Complementary training, participation in mobility/exchange programs and other curricular activities;

a3. Reference letters and other relevant items.

b)  Motivation and demonstrated competencies for pursuing a PhD project:

b1. Participation in research activities, including meetings, research internships, participation in research teams, computational and/or astronomical observation experience, etc;

b2. Scientific results, with explicit identification of the candidate’s contribution, including publications in journals and proceedings, oral and poster communications, research reports, etc;

b3. Presentation letter and other relevant items.

c)  Interview, focussing on complementing and confirming the information provided in items a) and b), and also on evaluating the communication and social interaction skills as well as the English language proficiency. It is expected to last a minimum time of 30 minutes.