Fellows :: Procedures

Some of the specifications for the fellows include:

  • All publications and outputs (proceedings, reports, thesis, etc) of the research work must include an explicit acknowledgment to the FCT fellowship and the PhD Program. The reference may take the form (see FCT specifications for the details): “XY is supported by an FCT fellowship (SFRH/BD/XXXXX/20XX), under the FCT PD Program PhD::SPACE (PD/00040/2012).
  • All communications and material (posters, slides/presentations, etc) should include the logo for the FCT PD Programs as well as the reference to PhD::SPACE.

The procedures, all fellows must follow, include the actions:

  • Submit the annual request to renew the fellowship to FCT (see the FCT Regulations for fellowships) with a detailed report of activities in the previous year and with a support letter by the PhD::SPACE Program Director.
  • Ensure that the conditions are met in order to renew the registration with the University where the fellow is registered.

See also the regulations and legiislations that apply to FCT fellows.