Research :: PhD Topics for 2016 :: Instrumentation

Topics under the thematic line Space and Ground Systems and Technologiesavailable for the 2016 Call (1 PhD Topic):

  • 2016/503 - Active focal plane for image stabilization

For further details please see the listing below with the abstract and advisors. Prospective candidates are welcome to contact directly the proposers of the topics for inquiries and further details.

2016/503 - Active focal plane for image stabilization

Advisors: Manuel Adler Abreu (IA U.Lisboa & LOLS), José Rebordão (IA U.Lisboa & LOLS)

This proposal is focused on the opto-mechanical control of the focal plane with piezoelectric actuators – a concept we refer to as “active focal volume” – as an effective solution to compensate disturbing movements of the whole spaceborne or airborne sensor assembly. This concept may, in the limit, reduce significantly the complexity and cost of controlling a large platform, implementing the control of a small subsystem at instrument level: the instrument sensor within the instrument focal volume.

University: Lisboa